Culinary Master classes

We tailor our classes for everyone – from groups to children

Our Culinary Masterclasses are taught exclusively by our director, Shagun who passes on her knowledge from years of training:

“Sharing my food experiences with others brings me great pleasure. I’m a people person and I love working with others who are as passionate about food as myself. Teaching is very close to my heart and I’m serious about food – but also believe cooking and learning should always be fun”

Shagun will design her hands-on Masterclasses around your group, creating a bespoke course where you can learn the skills you really want. Or leave it to Shagun to surprise you with dishes and techniques that will push your culinary skills to the limit. Either way, you’ll take away a whole host of new skills, tips and kitchen tricks you can use in your own home or business.

As you’d expect, you’ll move beyond selecting ingredients, preparation and cooking, putting emphasis on the styling and presentation to wow and amaze.