Food Consultancy

Expert help and advice for restaurants and bars

Creating the perfect menu is part art, part science – and finding the right balance takes skill, understanding and experience. So if things aren’t quite working for you, they are but you want to take things to the next level, or you’re just starting out and want to get it right first time, speak to our expert bar and restaurant consultants.

We can carry out market research and assess the feasibility of the different kinds of menu – without these insights, you’ll be relying on guesswork. Which isn’t the most reliable plan for success.

Next comes the creativity…

  • Designing your menus
  • Crafting dishes
  • Styling food
  • Advising on interiors

With all the above we can create the experience diners are looking for, which keeps them coming back.

But we won’t just do our magic and leave you to it. We offer training to help your staff maintain standards, and we’ll work with you on a monthly, season or yearly basis – whatever works for you.

Our clients include: